A monthly celebration of local food + community


Through monthly exhibitions, showcases, events and demos inspired by a monthly theme, community members can explore new ways to engage with and support local food.

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The 2015 season has come to an end.  We look forward to having you join next year in April! 

Want to host your own event?  Check out the information below on guidelines to start planning ahead!



APRIL 11 : Local Greens + Turnips

MAY 9 : Fennel + Strawberries 

JUNE 13 : Cherries + Summer Squash

JULY 11: Tomatoes + Watermelon

AUGUST 8 : Figs + Okra

SEPTEMBER 12 : Sweet Potatoes

OCTOBER 10 : Beets + Swiss Chard



Guidelines for Second Saturday Events + Programs

We'd love to have you involved -- below are a few guidelines to help you make plans. 

1. Create an event that is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the local food system and foodshed. Make local food your centerpiece whether its growing, cooking, eating, selling, or composting.  If you are a chef or restaurant feature the month's ingredient on your menu and be sure to highlight your source/producer/farmer.  

2. Your event or program should be designed to give back in some way. It may support local charities, offer small farmers a chance to sell, educate people about food, community wellness and making smart health choices or it may work to bring awareness to issues of community diversity. Your event may bring volunteers to worthy causes like supporting urban farms, community gardens, or building your own guerilla garden.

3. Your event should include a new community connection. You could decide to partner with another organization or business or faith community. You could decide to reach out to a group of people you don’t interact with often (youth? elders?). Or you could just team up with a neighbor. Whatever it is, community is about connections!

4. Your event should be measurable. It doesn’t matter what you measure: maybe number of people participating, dollars donated, or amount of food cooked. Maybe you measure the number of new conversations, the number of food questions asked, or the number of high-fives given!

Use your imagination and you’ll make something great!  To be included on Second Saturday materials send us:

  • Name of Event + Location + Event time
  • 2-3 sentence promotion description + any related graphics
  • 2-3 sentence response on how your event supports local food and builds community and how it supports the guidelines above

Send info and questions to